Who are we?

The Hackney Youth Music Forum is composed of young people from a wide musical backgrounds across Hackney aged 14-19. We speak on the behalf of different ensembles including choirs, dance groups, youth jazz ensembles and Hackney Bateria.The YMF formed to represent a variety of demographics, becoming a growing aspect in music within our society. Our aim as Hackney Youth Music Forum is to amplify and encourage young people’s impact on the music industry. We understand and appreciate young people as part of Hackney’s growing culture.

What do we do?

We reach local music enthusiasts through promoting and creating events. Our first event saw us at The Chats Palace, hosting an audience of 100 people and having performing acts in varying styles such as Jazz, Rock and R&B. We take young people’s thoughts and opinions through a survey, finding out what involvement they had in music and what they would like to see for young people in Hackney. The YMF provide a space for these suggestions to be discussed and hopefully be built on. We strive to bring these ideas to life and allow young people to take a leading role in the music making in Hackney.

Our Vision: 

Our vision is to become a local hub for all musicians and music lovers, giving them the opportunity, support and help to achieve their goals in the creative arts. We know that it is difficult to gain access to facilities such as studio space, instruments and performance opportunities. We hope to make these more accessible for young people.