Tom Hewins – Tuba & general brass (Strings Faculty: double bass)

Jonathan Enser – general brass

Harry Evans – general brass and keyboards

Lawrence Tatnall – Trombone & general brass


Rosalie Bevan – Acoustic Guitar (Keyboard Faculty: piano)

Paolo Bassi – Double & Electric bass

Aurora Del Rio Perez – guitar & guitar

Pat Doone – Guitar (Keyboard Faculty: piano) 

David Harries – Guitar & Ukulele (Percussion Faculty: drum kit)

Jonathon Howells – Guitar

Gerry Hunt – Guitar & Bass (Woodwind Faculty: all winds) 

Vladimir Ivan – Guitar 

Joseph Lane – Guitar (Percussion Faculty: drum kit)

Paul Lavaud – Guitar

Alpheous Little – Guitar & Bass

Dan Nash – Guitar 

Vitor Pereira – Guitar

David Price – Guitar 

Simone Salvaltici – Guitar 

Alan Wilkinson – Guitar (Woodwind Faculty: saxophone, clarinet, flute)



Thomas Beecham – keyboards & woodwind

Mally Harpaz – keyboards & drums

Michelle De Jong – keyboards          

Pat Doone – Piano (Guitar Faculty: guitar)

Sharona Joshua – Piano 

Ria Moran – Piano (Voice Faculty: singing)

Ginny Strawson – Piano (Strings Faculty: violin)

Georgia Van Etten – Piano (Voice Faculty: singing and choirs) 


Paddy Baird – Orchestral Percussion, Drum Kit, LA Perc.

Riccardo Castellani – Percussion

Kerry Cumberbatch – Steel Pan

Alicia Davies – Djembe

David Harries – Drum Kit (Guitar Faculty: guitar, ukulele)

Joseph Lane – Drum Kit (Guitar Faculty: guitar)

Richard Marcangelo – Drum Kit, LA Perc.

Justin Pickett – Drum Kit

Hammadi Rencurrell-Valdes – Orchestral Percussion, Drum Kit, LA Perc.

Lucky Thomas – Steel Pan

Michael Thomas – LA Percussion 


Kate Arnold – Violin and Viola

Naomi Bowles – Violin and Viola

Joe Browne – Violin (Woodwind Faculty: saxophone, clarinet)

Calina De La Mare – Violin and Viola

Aurora Del Rio Perez – violin and guitar

Weiwei Fraser – Violin and Viola

Tom Hewins – Double Bass (Brass Faculty: tuba & general brass)

Matt Holborn – Violin

Celia Redondo Pedregal – violin

Vicky Steiri – Cello

Ginny Strawson – Violin

Marta Tobar – Cello

Andy Yu-Chuan Tsao – violin & keyboards


Rachel Bartlett – Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute

David Blackmore – Clarinet, Saxophone and Flute

Joe Browne – Saxophone and Clarinet (Strings Faculty: violin)

Emilia Crawford – Flute

Gerry Hunt – All winds (Guitar Faculty: guitar, bass)

Simon McChesney – Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute

Uchenna Ngwe – Oboe

Margaret Perry – Recorder

Dominic Pusey – Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute

Alan Wilkinson – Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute (Guitar Faculty: guitar)



Anne Hardy – Singing

Ria Moran – Singing (Keyboard Faculty: piano)

Jane Morgan – Choirs

Folasade Phillip – Singing and choirs           

Felicity Turner – Singing

Georgia Van Etten – Singing and Choirs (Keyboard Faculty: piano)