HMS and our Network Partners offer a number of training sessions and other CPD opportunities.

Please see below for a list of current opportunities and resources: 

Sound Connections: Vocal, SEND, EYFS, Music Technology, Curriculum.

Music Education Solutions: National Curriculum for Music issues, non-specialist CPD, composing, excellence in primary teaching, secondary teaching, instrumental / vocal teaching

LSO: Creative Days, Creative Skills Leadership, Skills Development, KS2 CPD Course, plus teacher CPD day with every Key Stage concert booking

Wigmore Learning: EYFS and Concert-based sessions

Musical Futures: Intro to MF, Find Your Voice, Composing & Improvising, Just Play, Conferences

Sounds of Intent: SEND resource/framework of musical development ranging from those with PMLDs to autism to exceptional musical abilities.

Further CPD and training opportunities can be found in our News and What’s On sections.