Hackney Lift-Off Ensemble

Director: David Blackmore

Hackney Lift-Off Ensemble is a beginner ensemble for young instrumentalists who are starting out on their instruments. We recommend players have been learning their instrument for a minimum of a year before signing up to join, either with an instrumental tutor or with their class music teacher as part of a whole class ensemble / first access programme.  The Lift-Off Ensemble provides developing young musicians to perform alongside other instrumentalists, building their creative practice, listening skills and general confidence in music-making. All instruments welcome!

  • Hackney Lift-Off Ensemble is open to players in Year 3 and above
  • Applicants can be of Pre-Grade 1 standard but should have been taking lessons on their instrument for a minimum of a year
  • No audition is necessary for the Lift-Off Ensemble. Players become members by recommendation from their instrumental tutor or school music teacher, or by applying directly to HMS
  • Applicants must either live in the borough of Hackney or attend a Hackney school
  • Lift-Off may also accept ‘associate members’ from neighbouring boroughs in certain circumstances, please get in touch for more information

When: Tuesdays 4:30pm – 6pm

Where: Bridge Academy, Laburnum Street, London, E2 8BA


In addition to director David Blackmore, Lift-Off is also supported by Spencer Martin and team of other guest tutors

Membership: Membership to the Lift-Off Ensemble costs £35 for young people attending a Hackney school, £45 for those living in Hackney but going to an out of borough school.  Costs for Pupil Premium families are £15 per term

To apply to join the Hackney Lift-Off Ensemble, please complete this application form

For further information, please email xanthe.sarr@hackney.gov.uk