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“The Hackney Music Service is the best I have worked with. They have provided support for our new music department and helped us to establish an exciting instrumental programme with their excellent peripatetic tutors and instrumental loans. The staff at the music service have gone above and beyond to make us feel welcome and include us in borough-wide events. We are very grateful for the opportunities they have given to us and their continued encouragement for our department.”

Subject Leader for Music City of London Academy Shoreditch Park 


“Isobel’s confidence has soared since she joined HTO, both musically and personally, and she is proud to be part of such a talented group of young musicians. 

The sessions are equally challenging and rewarding: a good balance is struck between keeping the musicians motivated to work hard and stretch themselves and giving them wonderful opportunities to shine. This is no mean feat! 

Having seen many performances, it’s safe to say that you have established an orchestra who are very proud of and love what they do.
 We are privileged in Hackney to have you as a dedicated music teacher and as the superb leader of the Hackney Training Orchestra, inspiring our young musicians to keep playing and keep enjoying such wonderful music. And allowing us, the parents, friends and families, to keep enjoying it too!”

Parent – Hackney Training Orchestra 


“I thought it was a very good concert indeed, displaying excellent skills in the performers of all ages. There was very good discipline and attentiveness in the playing, and an energy and enthusiasm, which came across to the audience. I admired the adults who were performing – impossible to tell which were the teachers and which the LSO members – and their whole-hearted commitment, and their encouragement of the children was plain to see. The specially written pieces were tremendous fun, and very cleverly constructed to use all the children, at all levels of skill. I have been to many school and borough concerts in my time (in another borough), and this was one of the best.”

Parent – Hackney schools and LSO concert at Stoke Newington Town Hall