Hackney Training Orchestra is a KS2/3/4 ensemble and is a fantastic progression route for young orchestral instrumentalists.  We play a wide range of repertoire introducing players to many different genres, styles and cultures, working both on reading notation and also developing aural/improvisational skills.  HTO membership provides young players with an opportunity to play in a large ensemble, developing their musicianship, sight-reading and general confidence in music-making.  The orchestra performs regularly, and there are many opportunities to work alongside other HMS Ensembles and Partner Organisations.  Recent projects include A World Music Odyssey with the Grand Union Orchestra and Everyone’s Climbing Tree, and the Take Note project with the London Symphony Orchestra.  HTO players are also frequently nominated for special projects with the LSO, such as their Activate Programme, and opportunities to take part in special events such as their annual open air concert in Trafalgar Square.

  • Hackney Training Orchestra is open to players in Year 4 and above
  • Applicants must be of Grade 2 standard or higher. Applicants need not necessarily have taken a Grade 2 exam but should be able to play and sight-read to the level expected for Grade 2 players
  • No audition is necessary for HTO. Players become members by recommendation from their instrumental tutor or school music teacher, or by applying directly to HMS
  • Applicants must either live in the borough of Hackney or attend a Hackney school
  • HTO may also accept ‘associate members’ from neighbouring boroughs in certain circumstances, please get in touch for more information

When: Tuesdays 4:30pm – 6pm

Where: Bridge Academy, Laburnum Street, London, E2 8BA

HTO Team: Conductor / Brass – Lawrence Tatnall, Strings – Aanu Sodipe, Woodwind – Emilia Crawford,  Percussion – Alex Dmochowski

Membership: Membership to HTO costs £35 for young people attending a Hackney school, £45 for those living in Hackney but going to an out of borough school.  Costs for Pupil Premium families are £15 per term

To apply to join Hackney Training Orchestra, please complete this application form

For further information, please email xanthe.sarr@hackney.gov.uk