We also hold joint Primary / Secondary meetings to discuss very specific KS2/3 transition issues. These are great opportunities for colleagues from across both sectors to plan and collaborate. It is important the primary colleagues have a very clear picture of what will be expected of their pupils when they arrive in Yr7 and the skill set they need to build in primary schools in order to progress effectively through KS3 and for selecting GCSE Music to be an option for them. And it is equally important that secondary colleagues have a very clear idea of the music offer made in their various feeder primary schools so they can plan appropriately.

It is also an opportunity for Primaries and Secondaries to plan performances, workshops and other events jointly. There is a fantastic amount of collaborative work taking place between schools in the borough. Examples include:

  • Daubeney Mini Festival (performances from Primary and Secondary Schools)
  • City Academy Vocal Workshops (particularly focussing on getting boys singing)
  • Bridge Academy Primary Outreach Projects

Please get in touch with xanthe.sarr@learningtrust.co.uk for more information.