BBC Bitesize resources to support Music GCSE by the specification. Scroll down to select your board – AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas or OCR – see more here.

Twinkl – Take a browse through these KS4 resources. They include a range of lessons that cover important topics in the GCSE syllabus and feature a number of PowerPoints, worksheets and activities covering music theory, world music and composition – see more here.

Music Theory and Aural Training – a wide range of music and theory resources can be found on this website.

Audacity is a free downloadable multi-track audio editor available across platforms:

Noteflight is an online app that allows users to compose, view, and share music notation from any web browser. However, rather than basic composition software, Noteflight allows users to edit, print, and playback has written music from any connected device – see more on the website here

aQWERTYon is a brilliant resource that allows children to play along with YouTube videos using their QWERTY keyboards.  There are some ready to use preset songs already on the site but you can also select any YouTube video of your choice to play along to. Though you will need to then select the appropriate scale and the instrument to play-along.

Explore more online resources here