Conductive Music – Music Production: on BandLab, Mondays and Wednesdays at 4pm, for Y4-8. Musical Video Games: on MakeCode Arcade, Tuesdays and Fridays at 4pm, for Y4-8. All sessions lasting 1 hour, held on Zoom (no cam, no mic, all questions on chat). Students can join at any time as instructions are shared at the beginning. Fully funded by DCMS, available to all students in our partner areas.

The Free tickets are on sale on Eventbrite. Students/Parents can register, will receive a confirmation email with a link to the online event page and the Zoom. For Music Video Production, visit here. For Music Production Visit here. 

BBC Bitesize fun developing or learning new musical skills with tutorials on a range of musical topics including ‘How to write a song’, ‘How to sing, rap and beatbox’ and ‘Compose your own film music’ with BBC Bitesize. And this BBC Bitesize link will take pupils to compose tasks specifically with the BBC 10 Pieces, full of fantastic ideas.

Girls Rock London  Girls Rock London is a music charity based in Hackney that works with young women and trans youth aged 11 – 16 building self esteem through music-making. Here’s the website for more info. 

GRL created a handbook in the Summer of 2020 – the GRL Guide to Wellbeing and Creativity – and sent it out to 100 young people along with a musical care package full of goodies. GRL are now making this accessible to all partner organisations (and beyond) so they can reach as many young people as possible. It features a range of activities focused on creative tasks (such as song-writing and lyric-writing, free drawing and craft activities) as well as mindfulness exercises, social justice and youth activism inspiration and recipes. It is free and includes input from young people and our incredible volunteer team in its design.

GRL also commissioned a range of video and podcast digital resources for their Summer Project 2020. These were designed for 11 – 16 year olds and include – you can access the below resources here.

  • Get Moving:7 dance videos – learn a choreography to a Beyonce track
  • Making music at home: Videos on how to make music on your phone or device/ intro to music production/ vocal warm ups/ songwriting tips/ make a homemade drum kit
  • Arts and crafts: including zine making and hand knitting with old t shirts

If any individuals wish to donate to the charity Girls Rock London to support their work in Hackney, they can do so here.

Abram Wilson Foundation  Future Sound Digital is a series of free, short videos which give you a simple, engaging and accessible insight into how different artists express themselves through music, how they write songs and how they became musicians. Produced by the Abram Wilson Foundation, these videos will support and inspire young people to create their own music and lyrics.  Aimed at 11-18 year olds.

The Future Sound Digital video tutorials feature talented artists Oscar JeromeSans Soucis and Arji Manuelpillai

Musical FuturesWe hope you enjoy this selection of Musical Futures Online resources – part of a comprehensive collection of over 500 resources with 1000+ interactive videos designed to support music learning – and that you will find them useful, particularly during this time of school closures. Joining Musical Futures Online gives full access to 100’s more resources!

The Why Books – Free online music lessons and podcasts brought to you by WHY Music. Here, you will find podcast episodes along with accompanying materials for you to download and use!

LSO  Lockdown Listening with Rachel Leach: A series of daily musical listening tasks for you to do at home – with your children, with your class or even by yourself. They are designed to be done with the minimum of preparation and equipment – often just paper and pens – and can be achieved in under 10 minutes.

Where’s Simon?

An online concert featuring Sir Simon Rattle and musicians from the LSO, recorded from home in lockdown. Trying our quiz, explore some LSO players’ listening recommendations and download the parts to play along yourselves during Part 2.

How to Build an Orchestra

Discover everything about orchestras and their instruments with our beautifully illustrated children’s book How to Build An Orchestra produced in association with Hachette Children‘s Group.

Click here to buy the book and to find free resources for young people and families at home, or teachers in school.

Space ….. But Not As We Know It

An online concert, presented by Rachel Leach and conducted by Jessica Cottis, featuring Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and music by Berlioz, Ives, Prokofiev and Haydn.

Find out what happens when an orchestra has to keep its distance! Rachel Leach explores the separation of sounds, how music travels around an orchestra and what you can hear between the notes. There are also warm-ups and listen and draw activities to get involved with, and free resources for teachers to download.

LSO Play – The award-winning LSO Play is a free interactive and immersive web app, allowing you to experience the LSO on stage at the Barbican – anytime, anywhere.

View the orchestra from four camera angles simultaneously, and switch between them during the performance. You can focus on anything from the tips of a drumstick to the violinists’ fingers. Find teacher resource packs for Key Stage 2 and 3 to use in classroom music lessons, Listening Activities for young people to do at home or in school, as well as masterclasses with LSO players and listening guides with information on the musical background

Choose from six performances, all filmed in HD during the LSO’s Barbican season.

London Sinfonietta – Composition Challenges invites young people, teachers and schools to create new music for the London Sinfonietta inspired by the works and musical ideas of living composers. Suitable for KS2/3 students, each challenge will explore the work and approach of a different composer, support curriculum learning and help young people to engage with creative composition. Available online, the Composition Challenges are designed to be easy to use, flexible and open to everyone, from complete beginner composers to those with more experience.

BBC 10 Pieces –  don’t forget the huge volume of general resources available on the BBC 10 Pieces site.  A lovely collection of films introducing each of the pieces (and there are now several sets of 10 Pieces so lots of works to get through!) plus lesson plans.  The plans are designed for teachers but do try following them at home too!

BeepBox is an online tool for sketching and sharing instrumental melodies. Make sure that your volume is turned up, then press the play button! All song data is contained in the URL at the top of your browser. When you make changes to the song, the URL is updated to reflect your changes.

Beat Goes On – Body Percussion Sessions and Junk Percussion Guides are being offered by Beat Goes On. You can join by visiting their YouTube Channels here and by viewing their free resources here.

Mr Spoerer’s Jam Bus Tutorials – for anyone with a keyboard at home wanting to consolidate some basic skills, or even access to a keyboard app (you’ll need the black notes too!) then check out Mr Spoerer’s Jam Bus Tutorials – he is creating these right now so more will go up over the coming weeks.  The Jam Bus is his super cool music ‘classroom’, a decommissioned bendy bus donated to the South London school by none other than Mr Ed Sheeran himself, and then converted into a music classroom/studio via massive amounts of crowdfunding.  Take a look, here.

Twinkl – Take a browse through these KS3 resources here

Mr Scullins Music Room – YouTube Channel, check out his household items Samba tutorial here

Groove Pizza uses a pizza to represent different drum patterns, allowing students to explore beats and grooves from famous songs and create their own using rhythmic grids.

Explore more online resources here