Entry Criteria:

The HBYO is open to students who are aged 11 – 18yrs (Year 7 students and above). In addition, the following criteria applies:

  1. Applicants must be in Year 7 or above, and be of Grade 5 performance examination standard or higher. Applicants need not necessarily have taken a Grade 5 performance examination but should be confident sight-readers to the level expected of Grade 5 standard players.
  2. All applicants must attend an audition prior to entry, as part of the assessment for the membership process.
  3. Applicants must either live in the borough of Hackney or attend a Hackney school/college/academy.
  4. HBYO may also accept ‘associate members’ from neighbouring borough’s music education hubs. In this instance, with the exception of ‘3’ above, all other membership criteria apply. In addition, ‘associate members’ are subject to a higher fee than those meeting criteria ‘3’.


Exceptions to entry criteria:

In exceptional circumstances, HBYO may accept students without Grade 5 or equivalent, where there are gaps in instrumental forces.

When: Tuesdays 6 – 7.30pm

Where: Bridge Academy, Laburnum Street, London, E2 8BA (Please note that all ensembles are currently taking place online, via Zoom)

Session leaders: Conductor – Lawrence Tatnall, Strings Tutor – Ginny Strawson, Woodwind – Uchenna Ngwe, Brass – John Kilshaw, Percussion – Paddy Baird.

Cost – £35 for those going to school in Hackney.  If you live Hackney but don’t go to school in Hackney it is £45. If neither living nor going to school in Hackney it is £65. Fees paid at start of each term.

Discounts are available for Pupil Premium families – please enquire.

How to apply: Applications accepted throughout the year, HBYO Application Form 2019

For further information please contact Xanthe Sarr (HBYO Manager) at Hackney Music Service: Email – xanthe.sarr@learningtrust.co.uk